big blue eyes

big blue eyes
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vrijdag 27 maart 2015

This is a leason learned

I am a young girl, I am only 16 years old, but that won't stop me from living and learning. Today I'd like to share with you some things I learned.

Don't be too trustworthy or you will be burned
I am a very open person, I'd say. I trust people very easily, but this hasn't always worked out for me very well. Some people take advantage of the information you trust them with. For instance there was this one time where I trusted someone and I was just asking if she had the same problem with a person. She did not, but told my problem to her boyfriend, who told that person. That person told someone I knew that and so I heard. I was so angry, but I was not going to lose my temper with a person like that. I let it slip but I will never trust her anymore, I learned to not trust anyone. I have friends who like to gossip, from time to time I like that as well, but I hate it when my friends gossip about other girls, even friends. The only thing I think is: do you gossip about me as well? Sometimes you have an argument with your friend but if she gossips a lot she will probably gossip about you as well. It's okay to hang around casually with such friends, just don't trust them. At the end you will just be burned.

Don't fall too easily for people
Something I have really learned is that you can't fall for people too fast. Don't believe words, but actions. And even if the actions are all right, give it some more time. Getting to know one another takes time, you will only see their true selfs when their filled with emotion: anger, sadness, whatever. You can't get to know a person when you're both in the first month of 'hello, how you doing?' 'I'm fine thanks!' - phase. Casual chatting will not show how someone really is.

Don't try to change people
You really can't. The only person who can change you, is you. This counts for everybody, if they don't truly want to change, they won't, not for a long time atleast. If they don't see the problem, why should they put the effort in changing theirselves. Makes sense right? You'll have to accept them, if you can't, then it's time to let go, despite how hard it is(I know girl, I know).

Don't be ashamed of you, your beliefs, friends or family - be proud.
I used to be very insecure, from time to time I still am and that's normal. However, it's not normal to be ashamed of things you love - whether this is your hobby, friend or I don't know, sandwich? If you enjoy him/she/it, go for it! I was insecure about my body, I thought I was socially awkward, was ashamed of my family and last name and sometimes one of my greatest friends. But I learned that that was bullshit. I am good the way I am, my Polish family is okay, my lovely friend is okay and my sandwich is okay, dammit! I just feel ashamed when I think of the things I worried about, so stupid.

That's all I got for now, maybe I'll write an update post, but first there are a lot of things I will still have to learn and that's okay!