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big blue eyes
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vrijdag 27 maart 2015

This is a leason learned

I am a young girl, I am only 16 years old, but that won't stop me from living and learning. Today I'd like to share with you some things I learned.

Don't be too trustworthy or you will be burned
I am a very open person, I'd say. I trust people very easily, but this hasn't always worked out for me very well. Some people take advantage of the information you trust them with. For instance there was this one time where I trusted someone and I was just asking if she had the same problem with a person. She did not, but told my problem to her boyfriend, who told that person. That person told someone I knew that and so I heard. I was so angry, but I was not going to lose my temper with a person like that. I let it slip but I will never trust her anymore, I learned to not trust anyone. I have friends who like to gossip, from time to time I like that as well, but I hate it when my friends gossip about other girls, even friends. The only thing I think is: do you gossip about me as well? Sometimes you have an argument with your friend but if she gossips a lot she will probably gossip about you as well. It's okay to hang around casually with such friends, just don't trust them. At the end you will just be burned.

Don't fall too easily for people
Something I have really learned is that you can't fall for people too fast. Don't believe words, but actions. And even if the actions are all right, give it some more time. Getting to know one another takes time, you will only see their true selfs when their filled with emotion: anger, sadness, whatever. You can't get to know a person when you're both in the first month of 'hello, how you doing?' 'I'm fine thanks!' - phase. Casual chatting will not show how someone really is.

Don't try to change people
You really can't. The only person who can change you, is you. This counts for everybody, if they don't truly want to change, they won't, not for a long time atleast. If they don't see the problem, why should they put the effort in changing theirselves. Makes sense right? You'll have to accept them, if you can't, then it's time to let go, despite how hard it is(I know girl, I know).

Don't be ashamed of you, your beliefs, friends or family - be proud.
I used to be very insecure, from time to time I still am and that's normal. However, it's not normal to be ashamed of things you love - whether this is your hobby, friend or I don't know, sandwich? If you enjoy him/she/it, go for it! I was insecure about my body, I thought I was socially awkward, was ashamed of my family and last name and sometimes one of my greatest friends. But I learned that that was bullshit. I am good the way I am, my Polish family is okay, my lovely friend is okay and my sandwich is okay, dammit! I just feel ashamed when I think of the things I worried about, so stupid.

That's all I got for now, maybe I'll write an update post, but first there are a lot of things I will still have to learn and that's okay!


donderdag 8 januari 2015

A letter to myself

2015 has started, even though I still write 2014 everywhere. Resolutions are to be made and... broken, unfortunately. But that's totally okay, just focus. You'll get there.

Hello Lisa,

You're 13 years old and you have just started a new chapter. It's all new, I know, don't let that throw you off your horse. You got it. My advice for you is that new things are good, great even, embrace them. Don't stress, but enjoy. The first months are always the best! You're young and because of that, naive. You have to stop listen to promises and wait for actions. Words don't say anything. 

Before you let anyone in, try to see clearly. Throw away those rose coloured spectacles because perfection simply does not exist. Then again, don't be too hard on people. You will meet some great friends, make great trips with them and create memories which you will never forget. 

Please Lisa, enjoy every moment. It's gone before you know it. The little things. So small, yet have such a great impact if you pay attention. 

A car ride. Outside, all these beautiful lights, pop music blasting through the speakers, rain dripping on the car windows, fighting their way to the place where you have just placed your finger. Imagining a little invisible man running next to your car and jumping over obstacles.

A sunset. Meeting a new city after driving a good 7 hours. Seeing the beach, it's chilly but not cold, life everywhere, the sun is setting and reflecting in the beautiful sea. 

A warm hug. Tight, safe and happy, nothing can break you. Feeling that the love is mutual, you are enough. 

Embrace it, Lisa. Let go of the drama, at the end, it's not important. Lastly, you will be okay and it will be better. I'm really happy with things at the moment, things change very quickly. 



I hope you will all have a great 2015, this advice is for you as well! 
My first blog, also a new chapter. I wanted to write something personal, an article to show you who I am and was. I'm still not sure about a lot of things. I don't know if I should continue this blog in English or write in Dutch. You probably noticed this is not the language my mom taught me, back when I was a little chubby baby. I'm a 16-year-old girl from The Netherlands and I'm in my senior year. My English is okay, but it could be better. If you see any mistakes, which you will sure find a lot, tell me please!

For the people new to my blog, here is all the information you need:
So, a little more about the future of this blog, I want to save up for a good camera and start making articles about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health. Things you can expect in the near future are an article about a sports program I'm going to start(health), hauls and wishlists(fashion), the make-up I use on daily basis(beauty) and of course, some tags(lifestyle). Something I love but miss on other blogs are articles about movies en series(lifestyle), you will see a lot of those! I think being unique these days is really important if you are starting a blog. What will make me stand out is that I want to share my life with you guys, it has to feel personal, like you're my friend. So I will post a lot of articles about updates of my life, happy and sad. Also, the movie and series-part. I really miss this, I know some blogs review them, but sometimes you just want other articles about movies/series as well. I'd like to write about my favourites, characters, tags, quizzes and sometimes I will review them too.
Fashion-Donut is the name of this blog. Why you ask? Fashion is something I'm the most passionate about. I spend a lot of money on clothes every month, most of my money. I like to create looks and play with colours and textures. Some people visit clubs every week, but you can make me really happy with some new clothes. What makes my blog different, speaking of fashion, is that I want to help you guys, be inspired. With that I mean, when I see look books on other blogs, I don't know how to recreate them with my own clothes. I don't know if this is a problem you recognize but it is really bugging me. I want to show you look books wearing my clothes and then give you options of how to recreate the look, I think I will make a series out of this. ''Lookbooks to inspire'', or something. How would you like that? 

That's about it for today! Lastly, what would you tell your younger self?

See you next week!

Lisa  xoxoxo
This is me, by the way! To put a face to the name. ;)